Acrylic Packing Tape

Our Acrylic packing tapes are available in many sizes and variations, for hand application or for use on case sealing machines. Acrylic tapes are an effective carton sealing tape, ideal for long lasting adhesion.

Key Benefits


As a water based adhesive, acrylic tape is classified as the most eco-friendly filmic tape in regards to not releasing hazardous vapours into the atmosphere during the production process.

Cost Effective

Due to the lack of volatile organic compounds in the production process of acrylic tape, there is no need for an expensive system to collect the potentially environmentally hazardous waste. This reduces the cost of acrylics tapes to you, the customer.

UV Resistance

Acrylic tape will not break down when exposed to UV light, chemicals or oxidation. This means that the tape will not turn clear or yellow.

Will all the variables that can affect the performance of packing tapes, let us use our expertise to match the perfect tape to your application. 

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