Aetna Ecoplat Standard 

Turntable Pallet Wrapping Machine

The Ecoplat is a pallet wrapper for companies looking to move from pallet wrapping by hand to using a pallet wrapping machine. Available in the Base model or FRD. The FRD version of the Ecoplat turntable pallet wrapping machine offers more extensive programming options.

As with all Robopac pallet wrappers, this turntable machine is supported by UK based Engineers and UK based spares.

Whether pallet stability, health & safety or film usage is the reason for changing to pallet wrapping machinery, the Ecoplat Base is an ideal place to start.


  • 1650mm Turntable (1200 x 1000 pallets or smaller)

  • 2000kg load capacity

  • Indexed stop position (Stops in same position every time)

  • 2200mm wrap height

  • Variable Turntable speed

  • Soft start turntable for unstable loads

  • Variable Film Carriage speed

  • Top and Bottom Wrap Selector

  • Film Banding option

  • Variable Tension

  • Tension on/off

  • 3-year warranty

Additional Features of the FRD Machine:

  • Recordable programme

  • Manual overide

Optional extras

  • Ramp

  • Pit Frame

  • Weigh Scale with digital readout

  • 2400 mm wrap height

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