Aetna Masterwrap Power Pre-Stretch Rotating Arm Pallet Wrapping Machine

The Masterwrap rotating arm pallet wrapping machine is ideal for wrapping unstable or heavy products. This pallet stretch wrapper is not limited in the way turntable pallet wrappers are in that it can wrap pallets of any weight, making it the perfect choice for operations where heavy pallets are frequently wrapped.

Masterwrap Panel

The Masterwrap rotating arm pallet wrapping machine is fitted with a new superior Aetna control panel with JOG and graphic display with icon selection. The graphics on the new Masterwrap control panel, with icon selection by using the jog push button, are clear and easy to understand. The machine can be used in Easy or Advanced mode and has “parental control” to stop unwanted altering of settings. When in advanced mode this machine has 3 programs that can be pre-set and locked.

FR Carriage

Spool carriage with electromagnetic brake on return roller. Stretch tension adjustable from control panel. The electromagnetic dust brake ensure an high-precision control of the braking torque and don’t emit any polluting material.


  • Productivity: 30 Pallets per hour.

  • Maximum load dimensions: 1200mm x 1200mm

  • Maximum load height: 2000mm.

  • Spool carriage: FR Carriage with electromagnetic brake for power pre-stretch film.

  • Arm rotation speed: 7-11 RPM.

  • Power supply: 230V single phase 50/60Hz.

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