Aetna S6 Power Pre-Stretch Robot Pallet Wrapping Machine

The combination between catchy design and sophisticated technology makes Robot S6 the absolute leader in its sector.

The use of advanced technologies such as the new 7” colour touch screen control panel and of the utmost attention to safety systems represents the essence of the developing capacity of Robopac. Robot S6 is capable of packaging any type of product, shape or size and thanks to the exclusion of the electronic edge counting system, even cylinder shaped products can be packed. Robot S6 is provided with a high level of packaging autonomy and great work flexibility. It is the ideal partner for all of those industrial realities which require maximum elasticity in terms of logistics and warehouse management.


Touch Screen Panel

The control panel has been newly designed, adopting it to a touch screen. Thanks to the large color screen this new panel allows you to create programs simply and immediately. It is supplied with more memory to record up to eight different programs.


Movement Rudder

With the rudder you can easily carry the robot from one point to another without the use of forklifts. Manual movement controls in ergonomic position for easy use of the robot.


Security Bumper

Active brake emergency stop bumper. Thanks to this safety system the robot can work anywhere without the use of barriers or delimitation of working area.


 Idle Wheel

The idle wheel, placed near the rear driven wheel, allows the machine to be manually moved even without batteries.


Automatic Film Cutting Device

The machine can be equipped with a film cutting device that increase the work efficiency in terms of time and makes the operator’s work easier.


Guiding Wheel

The new fast and safe adjustment solution does not require tools and allows the probe wheel to be positioned on the upper or lower end of the sliding tube.


Battery Charger

The new high frequency battery charger controlled by a microprocessor can be powered with wide range single phase voltage from 85VAC to 264VAC 50/60Hz and is thus universal. Protection against overheating, relay protection for polarity inversion,    short circuit protection and over-current protection are just some of the new high frequency battery charger standard features in the ROBOT S6. 


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