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Clingfoil Specialise in providing Air Void Fill Protection Products and Air Void Fill Machinery.

Whether you’re looking for something to protect fragile contents, or simply fill the space to ensure an item doesn’t shift too much in transit; Clingfoil’s vast range of protective packaging and void fill will have exactly what you’re looking for.

From bubble wrap to air cushions; it can be overwhelming to consider which style will best suit your production process. However, that’s where our team of friendly experts come in, ready to assist you with the safest and most practical protection method for the items you ship.

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Benefits of Air Protection
Air Void Protection

4 Packaging Solutions from "1 Machine"

Supertube Clingfoil AirSolution
Double Cushion void fill
DoubleSmall Clingfoil AirSolution
DoubleSmall Clingfoil AirSolution

Benefits Vs Bubble Wrap

Due to the properties in the film this is a serious alternative to bubble wrap, but with the ability to also run material from “one” machine.

Greater product protection using the air cushion system

  • Improved product protection v bubble film
  • Fewer wraps resulting in Increased pack speeds
  • Less warehouse space as material produced on demand
  • Less material per pack
  • Lightweight, reduction in transportation costs
  • 100% Recyclable (Re-Use, Reduce, Recycle)
Bubble Air
Wrap Air

Air Solutions

Our Machines

airmove2 machine

AIRMOVE² – Ideal for small to medium packaging needs

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AirPlus mini machine

AIRplus machine types can be integrated into existing packing processes

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Mistral 4 Compact Air Cushion System
Mistral 4

one of the quietest air cushion
systems on the market

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