Self-adhesive Paper Tape

Self-adhesive paper tape is available in kraft (brown) and bleached kraft (white). Both substrates are easily printable in small run lengths with fast delivery times.

We have also introduced a reinforced self-adhesive tape to the UK market. This product has an exceptionally aggressive adhesive and the glass fibre reinforcement makes for a strong seal. The tensile strength and adhesive grab compare favourably with X weave filament tape.

Self-adhesive paper tapes can be considered recyclable if they are processed with compatible materials such as cardboard or corrugate and are less than 20% of the total weight meaning they comply with the EU directive EN13430:2004.

Gummed paper tapes

Gummed paper tapes are the only tapes available that are 100% recyclable, re-pulpable, biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly.

The adhesive coated to the kraft paper tape is a vegetable glue based upon potato starch which is completely soluble in water. No solvents are used in its manufacture and the gum breaks down readily in recycling processes.

All our gummed paper is made of kraft paper and bleached kraft paper from PEFC/FSC certified mills. We also have a range of tape machines to maximise efficiency.

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