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Nano Stretch Film – Safe, Strong and Economical – 55 Micro thin layers

Nano Stretch Film

Nano Stretch Film – Safety and Strength is the key

Pallets wrapped incorrectly can be a serious health & safety hazard and can have expensive consequences. Studies show that at least 4% of all transported goods are damaged in transit. Film and machine working together achieve maximum economy and load stability/Containment Force.

Our Nano Stretch Film is 55 Micro thin layers, sandwiched together and latticed rather than linear; this enhances the mechanical properties, improving film performance dramatically.

High speed wrapping machines can operate at twice the speed of conventional film speed due to Nano Strength and resistance to snapping and tearing. Applied correctly, it wont stretch during transit, reducing the risk of damage. ​Infinity Nano Stretch Film keeps your load safe and secure.

Nano Stretch Film - Cost Saving Benefits and Environment Benefits

Having more metres per roll (55% more!) will in turn mean fewer roll changes, less downtime, fewer cores & less waste giving you a much improved production efficiency.

infinity nano stretch wrap film
stretch film produced in-house
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Its all about containment force!
Significant improvement in pallet load stability.

Value Gif Final 1

Up to to 50% less film required to wrap a pallet.

Smarter Gif Final

Thinner film but stronger, more film per roll, less production / line stoppages.

Faster Gif Final 1

Cost reduction as a line can wrap 30% more pallets per hour.

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Infinity Nano Stretch Film can stretch up to 320%.

Optimised Gif Final 1

Optimise your film by using a compatible machine.

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“Lock Out” feature improves your load stability and increases the cost savings.

Economic Gif Final

Highest Stretch-ability for Greatest Economy.

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Cost Benefits and Environment Benefits

More metres per roll.
Fewer roll changes, less downtime.
Fewer cores, less waste.
Improved production efficiency.


Holding Force

Improved load stability
Applied correctly, Infinity film won’t stretch in transit
Reduced risk of damage to goods


Less Transportation

55% more film per roll
More metres of neat film
Better stretch capacity
Fewer deliveries, less emissions


Reduces Storage

55% more film per roll
Reduced stockholding

less packaging waste

Less Packaging Waste

Maximising the film capacity.
Less film required.

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Client Industry


Location: Oldham
Current Machine: SIAT
Current Film: 20 Micron
Task: Reduce Waste

Trialled Infinity on 1kg cores. Reduced roll consumption by 319 rolls.

Client Industry

Food Manufacturer

Location: Preston
Current Machine: Strapex Power Pre-stretch
Current Film: Fibrefilm Stretch Wrap
Task: Reduce Waste & Costs

Reduced Roll change-over time. Reduced costs. Reduced waste packaging

Client Industry


Location: Blackburn
Current Machine: SIAT PPS Wrapper
Current Film: 23 Micron
Task: Reduce Usage

Infinity reduced roll consumption by 976 rolls per annum. Increased load stability.

If you would like further information

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