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Ecommerce Packaging Ideas

Ecommerce Packaging Ideas

E-commerce Packaging Ideas

Ecommerce Packaging Ideas – As a specialist packaging supplier of over 40 years, Clingfoil Ltd have been supplying some of the biggest e-commerce packaging companies and businesses around. Since the earliest days of E-commerce, Clingfoil Ltd can proudly say that we offer one of the largest and best e-commerce packaging variety of E-commerce packaging options and products on the market.

What is E-Commerce packaging?

Rather than offering one focused product, we have built up a tried and tested range of specialist manufacturers. These packaging manufacturers create every kind of e-commerce packaging product across the industry; resulting in our ability to provide you with any spec or type you may require, including bespoke e-commerce packaging supplies. Here are a few different types of e-commerce packaging ideas for your inspiration.


Is packaging important for e-commerce?

When sending fragile items through the post, it is hard to know what the best way to safely package the product is, but bubble packages are a great choice. Our bubble-lined envelopes are perfect if you’re looking for something light, durable, that looks great.

We also have a full range of honeycomb paper mailers!


Our stock range is made from 100% recycled ecofriendly e-commerce packaging and is available in six different sizes. We can also supply a printed version with your logo or a special message to maximise the doorstep appeal.

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Our range of e-commerce crash-lock crash-lock boxes is designed for optimal efficiency and speed. Crash-lock boxes are equipped with an integrated peel-and-seal adhesive and tear-to-open tab. Perfect for your e-commerce operation, time efficient, cost-effective and 100% recyclable.

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E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS – Water Activated Tape

Made from natural Kraft paper carrier and scratch adhesive it’s 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable without having to be separated from cardboard. The ultimate eco-friendly case-taping method. It’s the most effective way to securely seal a carton, giving the highest level of tamper-evidence. Proven to be more cost-effective than plastic pressure-sensitive tape in the order fulfilment sector, as less tape is needed for a satisfactory seal. Dispensed in pre-set or programmable lengths, it’s also faster than using a hand tape dispenser.

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Our self-adhesive printed tape, the perfect addition to your packaging line, bespoke printed, Kraft finish – the environmentally responsible alternative to polypropylene.

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eCommerce Packaging Ideas

E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS – Air Cushion Void Fill

Our Air Void Fill and Protection is made from very thin polythene. The air cushions are 99% air, tear resistant, durable and reusable. A space-saving and protective solution that can be fully recycled using normal household collections.

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100% Recyclable and reusable, all while being highly effective product protection, leaving you feeling confident your packages will arrive safe and sound. A great reusable e-commerce packaging

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