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Paper Self-Adhesive Doc Wallets

Paper Self-Adhesive Doc Wallets

100% Paper Self-Adhesive Doc Wallets

Dorsal paper: White silicon Kraft 40 gsm (± 5 %)

Top paper: White Cristal paper ( Glassine paper ) 35gsm (± 5 %)

Bottom paper: White Kraft paper, chlorine-free bleached 35 gsm (± 5 %)

Glue type: Permanent HOT MELT (solvent-free) -deposit 20gsm (± 2 g)

Welds: Width larger than 2mm – resistance 18N

Application temp.: 5°C up to 30°C

Temp. for use, transit or storage: 5°C up to 30°C


green doc wallet
green document wallets

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