PaperWave Air Cushion Void Fill – 100% Bio-degradable and Compostable

PaperWave Air Cushion

PaperWave Air Cushion Film

Our PaperWave Air Cushion BIO films are highly developed special films, combining the advantages of paper filling and air cushion film. But the air is added to the paper filling, creating void fill that comprises 95% air x 5% material.

They are designed to produce air-filled cushions with the help of the small and flexible PWN3, PW1 and PW2 air cushion systems. The air cushions produced are mechanically resilient, durable and reusable.

The film structure consists of a recycled paper layer and a starch blend–sealing layer laminated onto the paper.

The ultra-thin sealing layer is made of a strong base of biodegradable and compostable biofilm, connected to the 100% recycled paper layer with natural glue.

PACPLAN AIRWAVE PW1 WITH PAPERWAVE copy 1 removebg preview
PACPLAN PAPERWAVE PILLOW copy removebg preview

Paper Air Cushion Film – Benefits – Sustainability

  • Packaging made from recycled paper and compostable film
  • Reducing the Environmental Impact and Ecological footprint
  • 100% Bio-degradable and compostable
  • Light weight = lower freight costs
  • Kind to our Eco system – 95% air x 5% material
  • On-demand packing – no waste or bulky storage of void fill
  • Lower carbon footprint than using foam, plastic and paper
  • Bears the RESY symbol – guarantees packaging is recyclable and accepted by paper and cardboard recyclers
  • FSC Sourced
home compostable

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