Security Tapes – Remarkable Tamper Proof Tape

security tapes

Security tapes – Tamper-proof tape

Security tapes are used just like normal packaging tape but leave a visible warning message on the packaging for quick detection of attempted theft or attack by providing a permanent visual message when removed “OPENED VOID”.

Genuine Product

Used to provide an additional level of protection to products and brands through instant visible physical evidence revealing a hidden message. Tamper-evident tape can provide proof of product authenticity for your customers as well as validate warranty for suppliers.

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security tape
Tamper Proof Tape

A permanent security label provides an excellent visual deterrent to theft, protecting the integrity of the contents and securing the item from being tampered with.

The security label provides an extra level of security instantly upon application. Tamper-evident labels are easy to apply to a range of surfaces.

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Food delivery seals – tamper evident security

With the dramatic growth in on-demand food deliveries in the recent pandemic the need for security of your food on the move and building customer confidence is vital to your brand, no matter if you are a local restaurant or a global fast food giant.

FOOD security tape

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