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paper mailing bags - strong eco mail bags for shipping

Classic paper mailing bags

Poly mailers are a popular choice for shipping and mailing because they are lightweight, durable, and cost-effective. However, there are alternatives to poly mailers such as the Paper Mailing Bags.

The mailers are made from brown or recycled paper. They are environmentally friendly and provide a rustic, eco-conscious look. They are often used for sending promotional materials, clothing, or lightweight items, so a great strong alternative to the standard poly postal mailers.

Paper mailing bags from sustainable resources

Using paper mailbags made from sustainable resources is an environmentally friendly option that aligns with sustainability goals. These mailbags are typically made from paper sourced from sustainable forestry practices or recycled materials. Where required to carry an FSC® claim, its material will be sourced from an FSC® certified supply.

These strong mailbags are made from recycled paper and are manufactured using post-consumer or post-industrial recycled content, reducing the demand for virgin paper and decreasing the environmental impact, it’s both compostable and degradable.

Choosing paper mailbags made from sustainable resources is a step in the right direction for reducing the environmental impact of packaging materials.

eco paper mailing bags

A range of paper mailer sizes and specifications

paper mail bag seal

The availability of various sizes and specifications allows businesses to choose the right sack that fits their specific product dimensions and requirements. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of items.

Custom branding on the sacks serves as a promotional tool. It helps create brand recognition and can leave a lasting impression on customers when they receive their orders.

The peel-and-seal feature simplifies the packaging process for your team and customers. It ensures a secure closure while making it easy to seal the sacks without the need for additional tape or adhesive.

These paper mailbags can often be a cost-effective choice, especially when ordered in bulk quantities.

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