Easypack Packmaster Pro

The most advanced on-demand paper packaging system available today. The Easypack Packmaster Pro delivers a range of lightweight, robust paper cushions that are easily moulded around any product delivering maximum protection.
This eco-friendly packaging is great for reducing dimensional weight when shipping heavy or valuable items in medium to large boxes.

Reliable: ‘Bullet proof’ equipment virtually never jams, increasing productivity and output.

User Friendly:

– Just load and go in 30 seconds or less!
– Automatic, semi-automatic or foot pedal operation
– Program 3 pre-set lengths and quantities


– Horizontal, vertical or custom delivery configuration
– Adjustable height/tilt
– Single or twin-ply paper
– Safe and Sustainable:

Best in class safety features, including safety lockouts
100% recycled, 100% recyclable, and 100% biodegradable paper

Easypack Packmaster Pro

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