Our Eco Focus Packaging – How We’re Helping

As studies continue to shed light on the growing environmental crisis worldwide, companies are taking more responsibility for their waste and the impact that their processes may have on the world. We can all agree that, when it comes to packaging, our eco-focus is lost. The primary goal is to stop the materials we use from being sent to landfills or winding up in our oceans.

There are a multitude of ways in which we can prevent this from happening and we believe awareness of these methods can inform decisions when it comes to deciding on which packaging materials you would like to optimise within your company, and how best to dispose of them.

The ‘Hierarchy of Waste Management’ is a good place to start.

Maintain an Eco Focus

Avoiding the use of raw and hazardous materials in design and manufacturing. Clingfoil aims to provide solutions that remove unnecessary packaging materials.


Clingfoil recognises that avoiding the use of packaging is not always an option. We source high-performance products that reduce the materials used. Products such as our Nano Technology film and range of air cushions have been engineered to require less material without compromising performance.


Using a product again for its original purpose or to fulfil a different function. Clingfoil sources high-quality products that can be reused, and where possible, advise customers to make use of the materials they already have. For example, our cardboard shredders turn waste boxes into void-fill packaging material. Also, our new range of grey mail bags is now 100% recycled content.

eco focus packaging

The material can be used for another cycle of production – the circular economy (similar or different). Clingfoil is committed to sourcing 100% recyclable products and providing customers with the tools to recycle effectively. Let us help you find an alternative to help your eco-focus.


The waste-to-energy process involves converting non-recyclable waste into usable heat, electricity or fuel. Where possible, Clingfoil source products with a high calorific value, which ease the energy conversion.


The final stage is where materials will go either to landfill or incineration. Both of these methods are without energy recovery. Clingfoil is committed to providing solutions that eliminate the need for products to reach this stage.