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Our Eco Friendly Products

Eco Packaging tape
Gummed Paper Tape

Water activated and made from renewable resources, easily recycled along with the cardboard it is attached to.

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Eco Packaging
Self-Adhesive Paper Tape

Kraft finish the environmentally responsible alternative to polypropylene. You can personalise me to match your brand!

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Eco Packaging green tape
EverGreen Adhesive Tape

New generation strong adhesive, made from 100% recycled material that can perform in temperatures close to 0℃.

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Eco Packaging Film
Nano Stretch Film

50% less film required and 100% recyclable! cut costs all while helping the environment.

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Bio Based Stretch Film
Bio-Based Stretch Film

Made with 50% renewable raw materials (sugar cane) that provides 90% lower CO2 footprint.

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Eco Packaging stretch film
Excel Hand Wrap

Use less film & lower transport impact, our excel hand wrap is fully recyclable and made on-site.

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Shredding Machine
Shredding Machines

Shredding your waste reduces your carbon-footprint and ensures your waste is repurposed.

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Eco Packaging void fill
Paper Void Fill

Fully recyclable, biodegradable and can easily be separated in a domestic setting.

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Eco Packaging
Air Cushion Void FIll

99% air, 1% very thin polythene. Contains up to 50% recycled content.

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Polythene Mail Bags
Polythene Mail Bags

Made from 100% recycled material. A clean, water-resistant and efficient way to packages your products, perfect for garments or small items. We can promote your brand using bespoke printing.

Paper Mail Bags
Paper Mail Bags

A sustainable choice for the environmentally friendly conscious customer. Degradable, compostable and easily recycled. We can promote your brand using bespoke printing.

Pulp Inserts
Pulp Inserts

Biodegradable, recyclable and compostable pulp inserts can be a lightweight alternative to thermoformed plastics.

Our Eco Approach

Helping our environment through best practice

As studies continue to shed light on the growing environmental crisis worldwide, companies are taking more responsibility for their waste and the impact that their processes may have on the world.

Clingfoil is committed to giving our customers the tools and knowledge to be able to use packaging in a way which mitigates the impact to our environment as much as possible.

Using the principle of the Circular Economy, we can advise on the methods and products which will improve sustainability in the business that we do together.

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