Elite High Performance Hand Pallet Wrap

Our Elite hand stretch film is one of our most popular pallet wraps, being favored by customers in many different industries. Reinforced with Metallocene, the Elite film represents our commitment to developing the next generation of stretch films, and will outperform any standard film of equivalent thickness. We are so confident in our Elite range that we regularly pit our 12mu against pallet wraps up to 17mu, and the results are always the same, the Elite performs better and requires less film per pallet. The Elite range is available in 8mu, 10mu, 12mu and 15mu.

  • High performance film

  • High yield

  • Ideal for uniformed pallets

  • Less film required per pallet

  • Reduces impact on the environment through lower plastic usage

  • Reduces wrapping costs

For more information or to arrange a demo, please contact our sales team on 01625 878953 or sales@clingfoil.co.uk

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