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Seven features and benefits of air cushions in protective packaging (Void Fill)

Air Cushion Packaging Features and Benefits

Air Cushion Features and Benefits
1) The cost of energy and resources wasted and required when a product is returned is much higher than the cost of appropriate packaging materials.
Air Cushion Features and Benefits
2) Air filled material offers outstanding cushioning protection for your products, ensuring that they arrive in excellent condition. Air cushions are tear- resistant, durable and reusable.
Air Cushion
3) Air cushions or Air Pillows comprise 99% air and 1% film.
4) The film is inflated on demand, so requires less space than conventional bubble wrap. It also weighs much less than paper, so has a lower environmental impact during shipping.
Air Cushion void fill
5) Our film is 100% recyclable and can enter the circular economy to be manufactured into another product easily.
6) In a domestic setting air cushions are simple to pop, separate and disposed of in the recycling bin. It requires less energy to recycle film and once the product is in the circular economy it can be recycled over and over again.
7) During manufacture, it takes much less energy and water to make film than it does to make paper. No unpleasant odours, toxic vapours or waste water are produced.

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