CP424 Optimax Single Phase Cardboard Chipper

The CP424C2-240V cardboard chipper rapidly converts small quantities of used cardboard into cardboard chips. This provides a low cost and ecologically beneficial packaging solution that reuses cardboard waste and reduces disposal costs and landfill. Chipped cardboard has all the environmental and cost saving credentials of cardboard matting and void fill but is more easy-flowing and more effectively fills smaller cavities. It is also suitable for a wide range of applications packaging void fill to pet and equestrian bedding. This high output cardboard chipper creates 1-2m3 of chipped cardboard per hour. Its hinged chute provides easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Key Features

  • Creates energy efficient and environmentally friendly packaging materials on demand, from existing packaging waste.

  • Saves on waste disposal costs and reduces the purchase of conventional void fill packaging.

  • High motor torque delivers powerful shredding action even at lower speeds.

  • Quiet and smooth operation.

  • Hinged chute provides easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

  • 12 month warranty.

Machine Specifications

  • Cuts 420mm wide

  • Cuts 20mm thick

  • Run time: 4-5 Hours

  • Production Output: 1-2 cubic meters of void fill per hour (throughput rate 11m/minute)

  • Dimensions: 750 width x 800 depth x 1350 height

  • Power supply: 230v 60Hz 0.55kW

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