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Paper Void Fill & Protection

Clingfoil are specialists in supplying Paper Void Fill Products and Paper Void Fill Machines.

Whether you’re looking for something to protect fragile contents, or simply fill the space to ensure an item doesn’t shift too much in transit; Clingfoil’s vast range of protective packaging and void fill will have exactly what you’re looking for.

Our team of friendly experts are ready to assist you with the safest and most practical protection method.

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Benefits Of Paper Protection
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Packaging Techniques

Block & Brace


The purpose of block and brace is to fully support the product and eliminate movement in transit without total fill.


In this example small folded cushions offer tight lateral support to keep them firmly in place.


This often overlooked method of packing is excellent for odd shaped products and even fragile items. It’s ideal when total fill is not needed or wanted and is just as effective as eliminating movement.

Packaging Techniques

Wrap / Cross


The purpose of wrapping products within the cushioning material is to offer all-round protection as well as eliminating movement.


As you can see, two same length pack cushions are criss-crossed centrally over the packing box. The product is gently pushed down into the box, automatically creating all-over wrap. Excess material allows for top covering.


A quick and efficient way of providing comprehensive product for protection.

wrap cross paper cushion
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Packaging Techniques

Wrap & Layer


The purpose of wrapping the paper around the products in such a way as to create layers is ideal for packing fragile items.


A long length of cushion is neatly placed at the bottom of the packaging box and the product is played on top. Wrap layers are created by simply folding the cushion over the product., placing the next item on top ad so on. Excess cushion is used for topping off the box.


The soft but strong qualities of 100 recycled paper make this cushioning method suitable for all kinds of delicate and fragile products.

Packaging Techniques

Cushioning / Coiling


The purpose of cushioning is to form a protective void fill to the shape of the product. A coil shape can be used to do this, which creates the most effective protective cushion.


A long length of cushion is used to create a large coil which is tightly fitted into the packaging box. The item is then depressed with reasonable force in the centre, creating a mould of the object. The same, or similar can be repeated for the top layer.


Ideal for heavier items that would otherwise pose a problem without bespoke moulded packaging, et maintaining suitable protection.

Easypack fan pack coiling rapid packaging 1
Spiral Void Fill

Packaging Techniques

Void Fill


The purpose of void fill is to pad out all spaces inside the packaging box to prevent product migration during transit. This will help to eliminate damage due to movement and collision.


For items that do not need to be individually protected, this is the quickest and most efficient way to eliminate movement whilst in transit

Paper Void Fill/Protection Machines

Our Machines

Easypack Packmate Pro
Easypack® Packmate™ Pro

Its sleek and compact design allow the Packmate™ Pro to fit into any production environment, perfect for multi-station packing needs.

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Easypack Packmaster Pro
Easypack® Packmaster™ Pro

The most advanced on-demand paper packaging system available today.

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Paperplus chevron 2

PAPERplus® Chevron delivers maximum fill with less material.

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Easypack Quantum 1
Easypack® Quantum™ XTW

This versatile paper void-fill system was created for high volume operations, yet is compact enough to support decentralised pack stations.

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PAPERplus Papillon machine floorstand void fill paperplus papillon void fill

PAPERplus PAPILLON – 100% Recycled and 100% Recyclable

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