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With a wide range of colours, PAPERplus Papillon is a great way to set you apart from your competitors. This exclusive soft and flexible paper can dramatically improve in-the-box packaging presentation – void fill. Thanks to its special, patented shape, it is suitable for filling voids and wrapping products  and offers optimal protection by producing large volumes with less paper.

Made from 100% recycled material, and fully recyclable, the benefits of using 100% recycled material are numerous:

✔ supporting the development of a Circular Economy
✔ reducing CO2 emissions compared to the production of virgin material
✔ protecting limited fossil resources by using existing material only

Exceptionally eco-friendly padding material with excellent cushioning: The unique shape of the pad is patented. The pads are lightweight and offer a good cushioning spring effect.

PAPERplus® Papillon paper padding can be used either for Top Fill or Block & Brace applications in the box. Furthermore the Papillon pad adapts quickly around the products in the package and ensures a reliable protection of the goods by avoiding movement during transport.

Papillon improves the presentation by offering a pleasant unboxing experience to the end-customer. Also, Papillon can be disposed of via existing recycling systems helps to reduce the use of primary raw materials.


PAPERplus PAPILLON Void Fill – 100% Recycled and 100% Recyclable

This is an ideal packaging solution for e-commerce items such as:

  • Beauty
  • Cosmetics
  • Perfumes
  • Skin care products
  • Natural health products
  • Health foods
  • Medical supplies and supplements
PAPERplus Papillon machine floorstand void fill paperplus papillon void fill

PAPERplus PAPILLON – Versatile and Compact system with three operating modes

PAPERplus Papillon void fill system is simple to adapt to the specific needs of our customers. With three operating modes to simplify paper pads on-demand production directly at the packing station. When connected with a conveying system and a hopper, a single PAPERplus® Papillon system can supply multiple packing stations with paper pads and is designed to easily integrate into any warehouse operation.

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