Polyester Hand Strapping

Polyester hand strapping on cardboard cores. One of the strongest plastic strapping products, polyester serves as a viable alternative to steel strapping in the brick, lumber and textile industries. Our polyester strapping retains its tension very well to stay tight on rigid loads. It's excellent recovery properties help the load absorb impact without strap breakage. Polyester strapping will stay tight to loads that settle, shrink or expand and will withstand higher tension than other plastic strapping. Clingfoil's polyester strapping is light weight and is impervious to corrosion or rust so is therefore an effective replacement to steel strapping which can be more difficult to handle.

  • Viable alternative to steel strapping for heavy duty use

  • Absorbs impact and reduces strap breakage

  • Retains tension on heavy loads during transit

  • Safe and pleasant to handle

  • 100% recyclable

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