When choosing boxes for your products to be shipped in, or taking a second look at the boxes you are already using, it is important to look beyond the products that are going in them. The whole process of packing from start to finish, all the way to the point where it is opened by your customer should influence how your box is designed.

It is a good place to start by thinking about what you are packing. How much protection your product requires will dictate the size and strength of your box. Fragile products will require a larger box to accommodate protective materials, whereas something more sturdy won’t need much cushioning, resulting in a box that is more tightly fitting. If your product is light, a low board grade will be adequate, but a heavier product will require a more heavy duty board grade to give the box the necessary strength.

Another consideration should be who is receiving your box. If your box is being sent direct to your customer then presentation will be very important. Die-cut boxes in particular look great, and there are fantastic printing options available across all box styles. Printed tape or stickers can also be a good way to improve presentation and raise brand awareness.

It is also important to take a look at how many different sizes of boxes you need. Each product may not need its own box. By consolidating your box sizes so that each box can be used for multiple products, you can save valuable warehouse space by stocking fewer boxes, and incidentally get better prices, as you will be buying more of each size. It may prove more cost effective to use cushioning materials to pack a small product in a larger box, than buying a box just for that one product.

The Box you use can dramatically affect the time it takes to pack. Boxes are integral to the packing process and the way it is designed can either save packing time dramatically, or cost you time. Features such as crash lock bottoms, top flaps and self-seal strips can greatly improve packing speeds. They may be more expensive than the standard boxes but the increase in packer productivity can offset this.

Clingfoil Promise – Years of industry knowledge gives us the expertise to advise not only the best boxes to use, but how best to integrate them into your packing processes. By doing this effectively we can streamline your operation, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

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