How to reduce pallet wrapping costs and minimise product packaging waste

If you transport goods to your customers on pallets, it’s likely you rely on stretch wrap to keep them secure, protect them from dust and moisture and get them to your customers in exactly the same condition as they left your premises. It’s also likely you could significantly reduce your pallet wrapping costs and minimise product wastage – just by using a higher quality film.

Stretch wrap – the basics              

The unsung hero of the warehouse floor, stretch wrap (or stretch film) is made from low density polyethylene that grows stronger as it’s stretched which is why it’s used to wrap product on pallets. It can be applied manually or using semi or completely automatic machinery, protecting and holding secure products for onward transportation. Secure loads also help speed up dispatch times and reduce breakages.

What cost?

You probably know how much a roll of stretch wrap costs but do you know how much you use and the time it takes (the actual cost) to wrap a single pallet?

Machine stretch wrap should stretch up to 300% its original length. If that isn’t happening, or you’re using a higher mu than you need to, your per pallet wrapping cost may be much higher than it needs to be. Times that by the number of pallets you wrap every day and the costs soon begin to climb…

Less is more – stretching out your pallet wrapping budget

To make sure you’re not spending more than you need to on pallet wrapping a two-pronged approach is needed:

1. Use a high performance stretch film to reduce the amount you need to use per pallet without compromising on performance and protection.  By reducing the amount of stretch film and cardboard cores you need, you’ll be reducing your environmental impact too!

Case Study: Skin.Lite 15mu Stretch Film

We approached one of our biggest stretch wrap users with our new Skin.Lite stretch film to carry out a comparison demonstration and see how it fared against their existing stretch wrap. Here’s what happened based on wrapping 170,000 pallets per year:

2. Use the right machinery. If you wrap a high volume of pallets every day it’s worth investing in the right stretch wrapping equipment for your specific operation. Back that up with a regular review of performance parameters and not only will you save money wrapping each pallet, you’ll prevent boxes being crushed during wrapping and minimise the potential for product breakages and tampering in transit.

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