Why airbags and cushioning can protect your products and profits

Your ability to protect goods in transit and get your products to customers with minimal breakages can have a big impact on your bottom line. It’s not just the cost of writing off the product and loss of sales to think about – there’s also the time and expense involved in administering returns as well as the long-term impact of customer dissatisfaction on your business’ reputation.

Using the right protective packaging can significantly reduce breakages of goods in transit and has other benefits for your warehouse operation too.

Protective packaging for consumer purchases

For transactions where goods are being sent directly to consumers, the UK’s consumer rights and distance selling regulations oblige suppliers to protect those goods while they are in transit. These types of orders are often highly individual too, requiring a flexible and reliable protective packaging method.

Join the airbag revolution  

Increasingly used by high volume online retailers, one of the quickest and most economic ways to void fill (fill the empty space around your product) and secure it within the package is to use air cushions.

Airbag film is rolled into a machine where air is blown into it at a predefined temperature and pressure, creating air bags or cushions to meet your specific packaging requirements. They are then placed around the product (adapting to its specific shape and size), providing superior protection for onward transportation. Airbag packaging, which is 100% recyclable, can be quickly and easily disposed of simply by piercing once the product has been safely delivered.

This type of protective packaging offers a range of benefits:

  • Reduce breakages and protect profits

  • Exceptional protection for delicate and fragile products like glassware, electronics and ceramics

  • Packaging on demand: machinery is compact, easy to use and store

  • Improves efficiency in the packaging process

  • Uses less material than paper void fill or loose fill alternatives

  • Conforms to shape of the product so it saves space and costs while in transit and uses less storage space in the warehouse

The right film for you

For complete peace of mind, our packaging experts can tailor the solution to your needs with machinery often supplied free of charge if you meet the minimum monthly film usage.

Protect your products and profits

Clingfoil supplies a wide range of high quality airbag films and machines for every application. With more than 35 years’ experience in the protective packaging industry we’ll provide objective advice about the solution that’s best for your business.

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