With something as simple as tape, it is easy to miss the little things that differentiate one from another. With its relatively cheap cost, people more often than not go with the ‘if it doesn’t stick properly, just use more!’ approach. This can be fine for the odd box, but when it’s a company sending out hundreds of parcels a day, this can be extremely costly and ineffective. It is therefore important to find the right tape for your application.

It is important to consider where you are packing. Temperature can affect how a tape performs, particularly cold temperatures. For example when packing in a freezer area, a solvent tape, which has a very aggressive adhesive, would perform better than a hot melt.

What you are taping can affect how a tape performs. Different qualities of boxes can require different tapes. For example a variety of tapes will work perfectly well on a quality box, whereas if you are using a budget carton, tapes will struggle to adhere to the poor quality board, so an acrylic tape might be more suitable due to the way the adhesive bonds to the fibres of the board.

Security of packages is a significant issue. Particularly for ecommerce companies who are sending our high volumes of packages, pilferage can be very costly. Although it is impossible to make a package ‘pilfer proof’, it is very important to be able to make it ‘tamper evident’. By taking steps to make any attempt to break into the package clearly visible, possible theft will be deterred and any theft that does occur, can be easily identified. This is problem that many customers have come to us with. And more often than not, we suggest using Water Activated Tape, commonly known as Gummed Tape. The beauty of this tape is the way that it creates a permanent bond with the box, making it very difficult to remove and clearly shows any attempt to remove. If it is removed, it won’t stick back down, making it impossible to hide any tampering. Also, the dispensers we supply make application of the tape quick and easy, improving efficiency.

Presentation of packages is very important. While standard adhesive tapes can provide an adequate finish if applied correctly, for parcels going direct to customers, a gummed tape will give excellent presentation. If you wanted to go to the next level though, a printed tape with your company logo and colours (or printed with anything you like really) is a great way to promote your brand and give your parcels a professional look. Printing technologies have improved greatly over recent years so you can have very intricate designs will lots of vibrant colours.

Clingfoil Promise – By spending time understanding your requirements and your operation, we will apply our extensive industry knowledge to provide the most effective tape solution. Not only this, but we will advise the best way to use it in order to maximise efficiency.

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