8 reasons to switch to water activated tapes

Using regular tape to seal boxes can be time consuming, frustrating and look unprofessional too, which is a real problem if you’re delivering directly to customers. What’s more, items can easily be removed from your packages and the tape stuck back down, making it difficult to tell they’ve been tampered with.

There is an alternative.

While water activated tapes, also known as gummed tapes, are a bit more expensive on a straight per metre comparison, they’re a much more cost-effective option.

What is water activated tape?

Water activated tape is a type of paper tape in which the adhesive– as the name suggests – is activated by water. Water is added by the tape dispenser and when the tape is applied to the box it penetrates below the surface of the cardboard deep into its fibres.

Once the tape is removed it won’t stick down again making it immediately obvious if anyone has tampered with the package.  

What is it used for?

The distribution of any products that are packaged in cardboard boxes.


  1. The tape dispenser enables the length of tape to be pre-selected, reducing waste – a single strip is enough to secure a parcel

  2. Less tape means reduced costs

  3. Quick and easy to apply saving valuable packing time

  4. Improved security of boxes and cases for transit

  5. Prevents contamination from external sources

  6. Tamper evident/resistant so will reduce the risk of theft from boxes

  7. Made from renewable materials and is fully recycleable

  8. Improved package appearance

Case Study

A home décor business specialising in wallpaper, wall art and soft furnishings had seen impressive growth in online sales and needed to move its warehouse to a larger location. It also took the opportunity to review its packaging equipment including the tape it used to secure its boxes for shipment to customers.

We made a number of recommendations, one of which was to replace the clear packing tape it had been using (that wasn’t sticking) with a paper coloured, water activated tape that bonds permanently to corrugated board.  The business owners implemented all Clingfoil’s recommendations and were particularly pleased with the improved security and aesthetics resulting from the use of water-activated tape saying:

The packages our customers receive now show us in a much more professional light and that’s invaluable.

Contact us now to see how you could benefit incorporating water activated tape into your packing operation.

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