Why Do You Need A Mobile Pallet Wrapper?

When looking at our customers’ hand wrapping operations, we see the same problems time and time again. These problems fall under two main categories: Inconsistency in wrap quality, and poor health and safety resulting in severe operator fatigue or even injury.

Let’s start with the more important of the two, the health and safety of your workforce. Wrapping pallets by hand requires operators to use poor body mechanics, bending frequently and twisting whist moving backwards, a dangerous combination that can cause significant injury. When speaking to warehouse operatives, there are certain complaints we often hear. These include; back, shoulder, hand and wrist strains, lower back pain, damage to hands and knuckles from contact with the ground, damage to fingers from holding roll cores, dizziness from circling the pallet multiple times, the list goes on. The most common complaint is that the operatives are required to circle the pallet whilst walking backwards, leading to trips, falls and collisions. It’s clear that wrapping pallets by hand raises many manual handling issues.

As potentially unsafe as hand wrapping can be, its effectiveness is also questionable. The quality of wrapped pallets will vary greatly from one operative to another. Issues with presentation are commonly found, as operatives will use different wrapping techniques. This also leads to a more significant problem, load stability. The most important part of pallet wrapping in terms of load stability is where the load meets the pallet; ensuring the wrap effectively incorporates the pallet is vital to the load remaining secure during transit. This also happens to be the most awkward part of the wrapping process and is the most commonly missed when operators become fatigued after wrapping many pallets per day. This can result in significant damages as pallets collapse.This inconsistency from one operator to the next can cause further issues, as it becomes difficult to forecast pallet wrap usage and therefore affects budgeting.

Clingfoil’s Packaging Solution

There are many solutions in the marketplace that tackle some of these issues, but for businesses that are unable to outlay the necessary capital to buy a pallet wrapping machine (or lack the space to accommodate one), it is difficult to solve them all. This is why we recommend our range of Mobile Pallet Wrappers.

Xtenser Mobile Pallet Wrapper

The Xtenser Mobile Pallet Wrapper eliminates the manual handling issues caused by hand wrapping completely, by removing the need to bend, twist, lift and walk backwards. This will reduce operator fatigue significantly and create a safer and happier workplace environment for your employees.

Problems with inconsistent wrapping are also solved as the Mobile Pallet Wrapper’s film carriage provides a fixed amount of tension to the film, resulting in the same quality of wrap (and the same amount of film used) on every pallet regardless of who wraps it. The Xtenser even has an optional power pre-stretch film carriage, stretching your film up to 100%, halving your film usage, and costs.

Wrapman Battery Powered Mobile Pallet Wrapper

The Wrapman Battery Powered Mobile Pallet Wrapper provides all of the benefits of the Xtenser, with the added bonus of being battery powered, further reducing operator fatigue and improving performance. This model has the added benefit of an optional power pre-stretch film carriage that stretches up to 200%, further reducing film usage and costs.

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