Updated: May 10, 2019

Another reason to start using Skin.Lite machine pallet wrap today.

As packaging technology advances, so do we. Our outstanding Skin.Lite 15mu has been redeveloped to make it even thinner, without sacrificing any of its performance. By applying new, advanced methods of design and manufacture, our Skin.lite 15mu has been replace by the far superior Skin.Lite 14mu.

What does this mean for you?

By reducing the thickness of the film, your plastic usage per pallet wrapped will be much lower, saving you money, and saving the environment from plastic waste. The thinner film also allows us to get 150m more on each roll, that’s a staggering 4,500m extra per pallet. This means even fewer roll changes during wrapping, and more space saving.

There are so many reasons to start using our Skin.Lite films.

Skin.Lite guarantees excellent performance and significant cost savings.

Superior Holding Force

A high level of holding force guarantees the load security both in storage and more importantly, during transport. Due to its chemical composition, to the raw materials employed, to the processes used during extrusion and to their cling effect, Skin.Lite stretch films have incredible holding properties. This means that Skin.Lite stretch films can compete or even outperform higher thickness films.

Key Features

  • High puncture resistance

  • Excellent holding force

  • Low thickness film

  • More metres per roll

  • Light cores - only 820g

  • Fewer roll changes

  • Eco-sustainable film

Thinner Film on a Smaller Core Helps the Environment

Without any loss in performance, the reduction of the thickness of the new Skin.Lite stretch films increases eco-sustainability of the product in a substantial way. Whilst maintaining wrap quality, a thinner film means using less film per pallet (as much as 37% less). Add to this Skin.Lite's lighter cores of only 820g, and the environmental impact of this revolutionary new film is reduced significantly.

Save Money By Using Less Film

A great deal of research has gone into making Skin.Lite a stronger, thinner film. This allows it to maintain excellent load stability with a lower packaging unit weight, and saving you money. This also results in less packaging waste for your customers to dispose of. As machine stretch film is paid for per KG, which includes the core weight, our lighter cores mean you are already making significant savings before you factor in the film.

For examples of how we have saved our customers money by switching them to our new Skin.Lite films, see our case studies.

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