Updated: Feb 5, 2019

When it comes to installing paper packaging systems for our customers we turn to Storopack. By working closely with Storopack, a market leader in paper dispensing systems, we know that we are not only getting an outstanding product, but are helping to reduce the environment impact that packaging processes can have. PAPERplus packaging from Storopack follows the four key principles of environmental sustainability: Reuse, reduce, recycle and renew.


Because of the outstanding quality of PAPERplus, the paper padding can be used many times.


PAPERplus is made using recycled constituents. This means an efficient use of the recycling loop. Manufacture of the narrower GE paper rolls requires up to 20% less water and energy.


PAPERplus paper padding is part of the paper recycling loop and is fully recyclable. Storopack does not use coated paper. Disposal via existing recycling facilities contributes to reducing the use of primary raw materials.


Storopack only uses paper with PEFC certification for sustainable forest management.

PAPERplus’ superiority does not end there though. Whether filling voids, cushioning from impact shock or blocking and bracing goods against transport damage: Storopack’s PAPERplus paper cushioning offers all-around perfect protection for your packaged goods, whether they’re small and fragile or bulky and heavy. The PAPERplus product portfolio is just as diverse as the protective functions of PAPERplus: Storopack offers a variety of paper cushioning systems that produce just the right packaging materials for every requirement and can be used individually or integrated into existing packaging processes.

They all have one thing in common: innovative shapes enable optimal cushioning and exceptional stability with limited use of materials and a lower pack weight. Storopack customers can also choose from various types of paper, all of which are FSC-certified. And because PAPERplus allows you to produce paper cushioning as required directly at the packing station, you can save valuable storage space, while sending your products on their way well protected.

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