Power-Pre Stretch Machine Film

Power-Pre Stretch Machine Film – high-performance co-extruded pallet wrap


A high-performance co-extruded pallet wrap, capable of stretching a percentage of its original length.

This is a reliable, consistent material producing a stable pallet at an efficient price.

Recommended when sharp edges need protecting or a thicker film is required for protection.

Used on a semi-automatic machine which stretches the film through a series of rollers inside the film carriage.

Power Pre-Stretch Film

Code Width mm Description Micron Stretch Recycled Content
SGP001943 500 "TS17" CAST 17 150% 30%
SGP001946 500 "TS20" CAST 20 150% 30%
SGP001949 500 "TS23" CAST 23 150% 30%
SGP001924 500 "ST20" CAST 20 250% 30%
SGP001926 500 "ST23" CAST 23 250% 30%
SGP001913 500 "SE17" SUPER POWER CAST 17 300% 30%



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