Presswood Pallets

The Asian Long-Horned beetle is just one of the many plant pests & diseases that pose a global threat to flora & fauna. Therefore, ISPI415 (lnternational Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15) has been developed to combat the movement of infestations, via wood pallets & packaging, around the world.

Because Presswood Pallets are molded under enormous pressure and at such a high temperature, they need no extra treatment and are regarded as outside of these regulations. This means that no extra stock is needed as Presswood Pallets can be exported freely to any worldwide destination.

Even if you are not exporting, there are still many benefits to help improve your palletisation system. The nesting feature will save a vast amount of space and make it easier and safer to move stacks of empty pallets. The rounded corners and edges of the Presswood Pallet will result in faster shrink or stretch wrapping with improved performance and resulting in less tears.

The proven molded design also offers a solid top deck for ultimate protection of your products. It eliminates danger from injury or damage as there are no nails or screws, and contains less moisture than even kiln dried pallets.


  • Space saving

  • Stackable

  • Recycled product

  • No nails or screws

  • Rounded edges

  • Lighter than wood

  • Suitable of worldwide usage (ISPM15)

  • Ideal for point of sale display

  • Weather resistant

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