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Integrated Air Cushion System Boosts Productivity Significally


Distributing thousands of parcels every day, this online giftware company sells products across a wide range of categories including home and garden, furniture, toys and games, luggage and travel, DIY, baby and nursery and pets – so its packaging requirements are extremely varied.

CHALLENGE - Products were being manually packaged for distribution using a variety of packaging materials including bubble wrap and recycled cardboard. But with growing orders and the need to protect products in a range of shapes and sizes, the company was keen to find a way to streamline their packaging operation and make it more efficient.


Clingfoil recommended the installation of an FP Mini Pak’R airbag machine (with bespoke integrated delivery system) as the quickest and most economical way to fill the empty space around the range of products they sells. Air cushioning offers exceptional protection for more fragile products including glassware and electronics, uses significantly less material than paper void fill or loose fill alternatives and is 100% recyclable.

Clingfoil also recommended the installation of a TP202 12mm Semi-Auto strapping machine that secures packages of any size, while providing optimum integrity and stability.

“The impact on our productivity was immediate and significant. The new machines made the packaging process quicker and easier. It also freed up staff to focus on other tasks.”- Warehouse Manager

Soon after, the company moved to a new warehouse to cater for increased demand. They involved Clingfoil from the outset, seeking advice about both the layout and equipment required for proposed packaging areas.

All Clingfoil’s recommendations were implemented. Working closely with FP International, a fully integrated air cushion system was designed and installed, delivering cushioning material into hoppers placed at the operators’ benches, greatly improving packing efficiency and eliminating the need for operators to leave their work space.

The strapping machine was updated to a fully automatic 9mm arch machine, further improving the speed of the whole operation.

The company is extremely pleased with the impact the new packaging process is having on his team’s ability to get products to customers quickly and in pristine condition.

“Clingfoil took the time to understand our operation and requirements and using their packaging knowledge and experience, designed a system specifically for us. It has revolutionised our operation, reducing costs and waste. The new equipment we invested in has quickly paid for itself in terms of resource and material savings.”

Clingfoil continues to work with the company providing a range of packaging equipment and consumables and Clingfoil is also working on a number of projects in other areas of the business.

"Our relationship with Clingfoil is highly constructive and it continues to add significant value to our business. In terms of their versatility, range of products and the service they provide they are head and shoulders above the competition."


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