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Distribution Company Saves Almost £10,000 Per Year


When our first pallets of the new Skin.Lite stretch film were ready for testing at our Poynton location, we were keen to give it a challenge. We approached one of our biggest stretch wrap users with a few rolls to carry out a comparison demonstration and see how it fared against their existing stretch wrap.

They were using a sturdy 23mu film on a Robopac 507 Power Pre-Stretch machine and when we suggested our new Skin.Lite 15mu, we were met with initial speculation that the thinner film would stand up to the 23 micron. The Skin.Lite 15 micron proved its worth however, delivering great holding force, puncture resistance and requiring a staggering 37% less film to wrap each pallet.

The Skin.Lite 15mu out performed its 23mu rival, and following a detailed analysis of their pallet wrapping operation carried, out by one of our experienced account managers, the significant savings we clear to see:

Key Benefits

The benefits to our customer were numerous. Firstly there were the obvious cost savings which in this case were substantial at £9,490. Then there was the storage saving, less film meant less space used to store it. They also saved time, as the greater roll meterage resulted in fewer roll changes which would interrupt packing. Benefits were even passed on to their customers as they had less film waste to dispose of at their end.

Environmental Impact

Lastly but perhaps most importantly, by switching to our Skin.Lite 15mu stretch film, our customer was able to cut down their packaging waste dramatically. Not only did they save the environment from 15,810kgs of film, but by using our lighter 1kg cores, they also cut down their cardboard waste by 1,849kgs.

Arrange your free demonstration now.

We are extremely proud of our new Skin.Lite range of stretch films and believe there are many savings to be made. Contact us now at sales@clingfoil.co.uk or call our helpful sales team at our north west location on 01625 878953


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