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Extensive Product Range And Reliable Service


Our customer is a leading supplier of giftware to retail businesses. From photoframes to figurines, clocks to crystal, its range of 10,000 products caters for a wide audience. All lines can be ordered in bulk or as singles giving its customers the flexibility to order little and often.

CHALLENGE - The volume and variety of packages distributed by the company means it needs a good, reliable packaging supplier that offers a broad range of consumable products and can respond quickly to important last minute requests.

SOLUTION - Over more than 10 years, Clingfoil has developed a close, productive working relationship with the company which sees Clingfoil supply a range of products including pallet wrap, tapes, bespoke labels and packaging bags. The Distribution Centre Operations Manager emails a weekly stock sheet over to Clingfoil who respond immediately to confirm the details and provide purchase orders.

Clingfoil also provides a valuable stock holding service that means the Distribution Centre Operations Manager and his team save valuable space in their distribution centre while maintaining quick access to the packaging products they need.

The customer says Clingfoil’s willingness to help with whatever his team needs is just as important as the products they provide:

“We make lots of last minute requests and the Clingfoil team really do go above and beyond to help us out, delivering the same day we order if we need them to. On one occasion we were desperate for a product they didn’t have in stock so they arranged to borrow it from another of their customers– you don’t get that level of service from many suppliers.”


Recently, the customer approached Clingfoil to advise on a suitable airbag packaging solution on site. Working closely with their long standing partner FP International, Clingfoil were able to design and provide a bespoke, fully integrated airbag packaging solution for the end customer. The efficient solution comprised a state-of-the-art packaging machine with air bags supplied by Clingfoil. A great deal made possible by Clingfoil’s specialist knowledge of – and contacts in - the packaging industry.

The customer has been in business for more than 125 years and distributes products throughout the UK and across Europe. Its relationship with Clingfoil is integral to its plans for the future.

“I expect our relationship with Clingfoil to continue for many years to come and that’s down to their competitive prices, broad range of products and, above all, total focus on solving the packaging challenges we face.“ - Distribution Centre Operations Manager


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