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Clingfoil Boosts Efficiency By Halving Packing Time


The increase in online demand for high quality home décor products means businesses in this space need to find innovative, cost-effective ways to protect their products and ensure they reach the consumer in perfect condition. Poor packaging of products risks goods being returned, reduced profit margins and lasting damage to a brand’s reputation.

CHALLENGE - A Lancashire home decor business specialising in wallpaper, wall art and soft furnishings has seen such impressive growth in online sales it needed to move its warehouse to a larger, premier location and took the opportunity to review its packaging requirements too. With no clear strategy to cater for customer orders in all shapes and sizes, the company had accumulated a surplus of poor quality boxes and other packaging products which were taking up valuable space.

SOLUTION - Over the course of three weeks Clingfoil’s packaging experts visited the company’s new warehouse to gain a deep understanding of its packaging requirements. They quickly implemented a ‘stock and serve system’ whereby a member of Clingfoil’s sales team visits the warehouse every week, checks its packaging product inventory, generates an invoice for products needed and supplies them to site.

“The new system is much slicker than the way we were working before and, more importantly, we don’t have to worry if we’re going to run out of something that might prevent us getting products out to customers. It’s a weight off our mind and it also means we don’t have nearly as much stock on site.”

Clingfoil also arranged for the company to trial a range of packaging equipment and products including:

Air Cushion Machine

Trialed free of charge the air pillow machine was introduced to replace bubble wrap box fill.


• Saves money

• Provides better protection

• Reduces waste

• Saves time

Crash Lock Boxes

Introduced as an alternative to traditional boxes, they’re quickly and easily squeezed together to lock out the base before a lip at the top is tucked and taped.


• Significantly reduces the amount of time needed to construct a box - An operative previously packing 30 units an hour could now pack 60 in the same time.

• Reduces packaging materials by 50%

• Reduces packaging costs

• Transforms the look and feel of boxes

Water Activated Tapes and Dispensers

The clear packing tape the company had been using wasn’t sticking effectively. In contrast, the adhesive in Clingfoil’s water activated tapes is warmed to bond permanently to corrugated board for a tamper-proof seal.


• Dispenser allows you to preset the length of tape required reducing waste and costs

• Improved package security

• Matching the tape colour to the box significantly improves its appearance

The thriving home decor business adopted all of Clingfoil’s recommendations.

"Working with Clingfoil has been a real eye opener. We had no idea how much easier, smoother and more economical our busy packaging operation could be until they came on board. What’s more, the packages our customers receive now show us in a much more professional light and that’s invaluable."


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