Siat S8 Semi-Automatic Case Sealer

The SIAT S8 is a manually fed pre-set size case sealing machine suitable for sealing a wide range of case sizes up to 500 x 500mm. The Siat S8 case taper is a quick & easy machine for any operator to set up & run. They use side drive belts to transfer the cases as this allows the taping heads to get closer to smaller cases. Reliable and low maintenance SIAT K11 Top & Bottom taping heads are used for 50mm wide self-adhesive tape to apply a perfect seal time after time. High quality components housed in a robust frame ensure minimal servicing and 24hour operation. All our case tapers are designed for the rigors of typical end-of-line packaging environments.

  • S8 Minimum case sizes L 150 x W 120 x H 100mm.

  • Pinch rollers to butt top flaps together.

  • Belt speed 22m/min.

  • Self centering drive belts.

  • Telescopic legs.

  • Emergency stop & under voltage protection.

  • Designed and manufactured in the European Union to EC Machinery Directives.

Technical specification

  • Working height 480-820mm.

  • Tape width 50mm (75mm option).

  • Belt speed 22m/min.

  • Production 1000-1200 cases per hour.

  • Voltage 240V 1phase or 415V 3 Phase, 0.26KW.

  • Max case weight 25kg.


  • Castors - Lockable wheel set

  • Long legs - Increased working height

  • Roller conveyor

  • Flexible skate wheel conveyor

  • Case holder - To ease the loading of cases


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