SIAT SM11 – automatic sealing machine

SIAT SM11 – Best suited to batch sealing of uniform-sized cases.
Automatic closure of upper-case flaps.
Simultaneous top and bottom carton/box flap sealing.
Increased case throughput and a consistently professional finish.
Heavy-duty drive belts for both light & heavy cases.

The SM11 range is an automatic sealing machine category with manual adjustment. For this reason, it is used for long production processes with the same box dimensions. The machine is designed to automatically apply a “C” strip of adhesive tape to the top and bottom of boxes. Adjustments and use of the SM11 case sealer are intuitive, simple and fast. It is suitable for high-speed production lines as it is completely automatic and connected directly to an automatic case erector.

  • The most appreciated automatic solution
  • The operator-free solution that guarantees high productivity in all common applications
  • Consistent performance for a wide box dimension range
  • Sturdy structure with additional double columns and steel fences
  • Perfect flap folding thanks to double arm kicker



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