Solvent Packing Tape

Our Solvent packing tapes are available in many sizes and variations, for hand application or for use on case sealing machines. Solvent tapes are the most versatile taping solution in that they perform well most environments and box conditions.

Key Benefits

Effective Adhesion to Recycled Cartons

As a consequence of the recycling process, the fibres on recycled cartons are less densely compressed. This causes problems when using packing tape. Solvent tape performs best in this situation due to the natural rubber in the adhesive.

Permanent Adhesion

Solvent tape is an excellent choice when you want to store goods in a sealed state for long periods of time. 

Excellent Performance in Cold Conditions

Solvent tape is unique in the way that it becomes more rigid at low temperatures, giving greater adhesion. If you are packing in a cold storage environment, solvent tape is the ideal solution. 

Will all the variables that can affect the performance of packing tapes, let us use our expertise to match the perfect tape to your application. 

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