SPEEDMAN® FLEX paper-filling system

SPEEDMAN® FLEX is a semi-automatic paper filling system with a cutting function.

This SPEEDMAN® FLEX paper-filling system is considerably smaller and speedier than other paper-filling systems with a cutting function currently available on the market.

An extremely compact design means that the SPEEDMAN® FLEX can be integrated into even extremely confined packing stations or tricky installation situations. The packaging process can therefore be ergonomically adapted for individual workers without altering the packing station layout.

As with all products in the SpeedMan® series, control of the SPEEDMAN® FLEX is extremely simple and intuitive. The automatic cutting function considerably simplifies the removal of the filling paper for the packer, accelerating the packaging process and ensuring it is healthy.

Using our SpeedMan® or ComPackt® paper aids the environment, as both are made from 100 % waste paper and have been awarded the Blue Angel for particularly eco-friendly products.

speedman flex


Machine & consumable material from a single source: SpeedMan® paper

  • 70, 90 g/m²
  • Single ply
  • Rolls on a pallet
  • 100 % recycled / Blue Angel / FSC® / Made in Germany

SpeedMan® paper consists of 100 % recycled paper and was honoured with the Blue Angel by RAL for particularly environmentally friendly products.

The cost-effective filling paper is easy to process and ideal for filling out voids in shipping cartons, or for fixing goods of every kind during transportation to stop slipping and providing reliable protection to prevent destruction due to impacting.

One roll of SpeedMan® paper provides a filling volume of approx. 1.5 m³ – adequate for up to 1000 packages. It is an ideal option for saving storage space and an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional filling chips (of which, in comparison, you would need to store 3 large sacks).

SpeedMan® paper on the roll can be used particularly efficiently and ergonomically in combination with user-friendly filling systems in the Papier Sprick SpeedMan® family.

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