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Stabustrap - Strapping Band

The strapping band is expandable and quickly returns to form.
Manually applied without additional equipment.
Does not damage packaged products.
A consumable that generates little to no waste and is recyclable in the polyethylene film industry.
The entire range of strapping bands is manufactured by our factories and compliments our range of pallet securing solutions.

  • 3 times cheaper than stretch film for the same application.
  • Totally recyclable, STABUSTRAP® also contributes by the small amount needed (a few grams) to the reduction of the weight of the packaging.
  • A few grams of Stabustrap hold packages up to 1 ton.
  • STABUSTRAP® is installed in 5 seconds when the stretch film installation is counted in minutes.

Rolls of 100 or 85 pre-cut units, packaged in a cardboard box dispenser. STABUSTRAP.


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