Steel Strapping

Our steel strapping is designed for securing heavy loads and is particularly effective where sharp edges are present. We supply Ribbon wound and Mill wound Steel banding.


The term ribbon wound means the steel strap is wound so that each layer of strapping is wound directly over the one below. This keeps the width of the coil the same as the width of the strapping itself. Our ribbon wound steel strapping coils weigh 25kg for ease of handling. 

The term Mill wound (often reffered to as oscillation or traverse wound) means the steel strap is wound uniformly and tightly across the width of the core. This results in higher coil capacity and reduced down time due to fewer coil changes. Our oscillation wound steel strapping coils weigh 50kg.

  • Designed for securing heavy loads.

  • High tensile strength.

  • Ideal for strapping sharp edges or irregular shaped loads.

  • Used extensively in the building and construction industries. 

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