Aetna Masterplat Power Pre-Stretch Turntable Pallet Wrapping Machine

The Masterplat is designed for operations wrapping 25 to 30 pallets per day. It comes with productivity improving standards such as a self-learning wrap program, 2200mm wrap height and a heavy duty 2000kg capacity turntable.


Like all Robopac stretch wrappers, the Masterplat is safe for your operators. It comes equipped with safety features such as a roll carriage anti-fall device, roll carriage safety stop and a 1650mm diameter diamond plated steel turntable that prevents your load from shifting during the wrapping process.


A standard 1000mm x 1200mm pallet fits within the turntable reducing the risk of product damage or injury from overhanging pallets. The roll carriage on the Masterplat is on the operator side of the machine to keep your operators safe and out of the wrapping area.


The Masterplat turntable is supported by 28 heavy duty castors and can handle a 2000kg load.


Control Panel

The new Masterplat control panel combines the Master Jog Dial and a graphic display with intuitive icons, making set-up simple and selecting the correct wrapping parameters for each of your loads quick and easy.


The NEMA 12 Control Panel Enclosure protects against dust, dirt, fibres and lint. It also protects from dripping water, external condensation and other noncorrosive liquids.


Control panel memory allows you to store up to three custom programs and comes pre-programmed with:

  • Up/down cycle

  • Up only or down only cycle

  • Top sheet cycle

  • Manual cycle

  • Eco cycle


Film Carriage

Robopac’s patented high-performance S-Wrap Pattern with Quick Load System and load cell corner compensation and containment force device give you very consistent and predictable pre-stretch and total control of containment force. This system provides 40% more film contact than the W Winding pattern commonly used by competitors. This provides better control of film through the roll carriage and ensures that you get 250% pre-stretch on each of your loads. This will protect your products from damage while at the same time reducing your film usage.



  • 2200mm wrap height capacity to ensure you can wrap even your tallest loads.

  • 2000kg capacity turntable supported by 28 heavy duty castors.

  • 1650mm diameter diamond plate turntable will easily accommodate 1200mm x 1000mm pallets.

  • Forklift portable from both the front and back, making it safe and easy to place the Masterplat anywhere in your operation.

  • Anti-fall device. The film carriage's anti-fall device protects workers and products in the unlikely event of chain slippage or breakage.

  • CE approved, conforming to global electical and safety standards.

  • Roll Carriage Safety Stop immediately stops the roll carriage in the event a person or product contacts the roll carriage as it travels downward. This protects both your operators and product from injury and damage.

  • NEMA 12 control panel enclosure protects against dust, dirt fibres and lint. It also protects from dripping water, external condensation and other noncorrosive liquids.

  • Infrared photocell detects dark, clear and reflective products, eliminating false readings of gaps in loads.


Optional extras

  • Ramp

  • Pit frame

  • Weigh scale with digital readout

  • Film Roping devices


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