As a leader in the paper packaging industry, STOROpack deliver innovative and sustainable packaging material. The PAPERplus range includes a variety of paper packaging machines that deliver superior packaging material on-demand to help optimise your packaging process and ensuring optimum product protection.

Storopack's kraft paper forms efficient and economical paper padding around your products during transportation and storage. Our kraft paper is versatile and offers users custom-fit protective packaging material that is easy to use and ideal for all in the box protective packaging applications.

PAPERplus creates paper padding through paper packaging machines that have been developed with automation and Working Comfort in mind.  A semi or fully automated paper packaging machine will improve ergonomics at the packaging station, increase warehouse efficiencies and help minimise costs.


The advantages of PAPERplus for protective packaging: 

  • Wide range: Individual solutions from a diverse range.

  • Superior: Outstanding cushioning effect and compression strength.

  • Efficient: Creasing technology for maximum material utilisation.

  • Reliable: High availability through proven technology.

  • Ergonomics: Touch panels, foot pedals and noise reduction.

  • Image: Paper has a favorable image with end customers.

  • Environment: Papers with FSC certification and no coated types.

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