Co-extruded high performance cast stretch film with a high puncture resistance

Hand Pallet Wrap - Did you know, we create

1,800 rolls per day x 300 metres = 10,000,000 metres per month

Reduce Film Usage

By up to 50% using EXCEL ECO FILM

Light, Medium & Heavy

Developed to supersede thicker films without compromising load stabilities/pack integrity.

Lighter films

Lighter Films = Less Packaging waste = Less Environmental Impact

Less Film Per Pallet

without compromising load integrity – pallet stretch wrap

hand stretch pallet wrap
Made On Site

At Clingfoil improving continuity of supply and offering bespoke sizes.

Excel Stretches

and “locks out”, improving load stability/holding force – “Pull & Lockout”

Superb Strength & Film Clarity

Hand Stretch Pallet Wrap

Available boxed

or reduce waste on a pallet (Bulk Boxed)

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