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Tape Packaging Solutions

Clingfoil specialise in providing a range of Tape packaging products and Tape Machine Solutions.

Small but mighty, tapes and banding are a vital part of the packaging process. At Clingfoil, we have products suited to a wide range of applications within your production line, it’s simply a case of discussing with our team and ascertaining the right one(s) for you!

We supply double-sided tape, monofilament tape, packing tape, printed tape, masking tape, cloth tape, crossweave tape, slugs and glue sticks for glue guns. Additionally, we sell a premium range of 3M tapes, adhesives and can also provide your company with tape dispensers and case sealers.

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Packing Tape

With something as simple as tape, it is easy to miss the little things that differentiate one from another. With its relatively cheap cost, companies could go with the ‘if it doesn’t stick properly, just use more!’ approach. This can be fine for the odd box, but when you are sending out hundreds of parcels a day, this can be extremely costly and ineffective. It is therefore important to find the right tape for your application.

Our range is extensive, with tape widths between 12mm and 75mm held in stock, in clear, brown, and coloured varieties.

There are three popular versions of adhesive: water-based acrylic; hot melt; solvent.

Call our sales team to find out which is the most appropriate for you.


Tegrabond Water Activated Tapes

The ultimate eco friendly case taping method. Made from natural kraft paper carrier and scratch adhesive its 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable without having to be separated from cardboard. It’s the most effective way to securely seal a carton, giving the highest level of tamper-evidence. This gives Tegrabond tape an additional eco-advantage – damaged goods will either be returned for repair or replacement (increased carbon footprint) or discarded (extra recycling costs or added landfill). It’s also proven to be more cost effective than plastic pressure-sensitive tape in the order fulfilment sector, as less tape is needed for a satisfactory seal. Dispensed in pre-set or programmable lengths, its also faster than using a hand tape dispenser.

Tegrabond is available in natural, snow white and oyster kraft and with glass fibre reinforcement strands for enhanced burst resistance. Tape thickness range from 60gsm to 90 gsm and 125gsm reinforced. Tape widths range from 24mm to 96mm.


Pacplus Kraft Hot Melt Tapes

If you prefer to use a pressure-sensitive tape but want to stay green, Pacplus ECO-X kraft paper tape with hot melt adhesive is your answer as its biodegradable. Available in natural kraft, it blends well with brown corrugated card and is less susceptible to creasing than plastic tape, so presentation is excellent.


Pacplus Masking Tapes

Masking tape is also used for sealing packages when a temporary hold is needed that doesn’t leave residue when removed. Pacplus masking tapes come on a 75mm cardboard core and in widths ranging from 25mm to 100mm.


Stickfast Hot Melt Glues

Hot melt glue sticks are another way of quickly and securely sealing packaging and with four formulations to choose from, the Stick fast range from Xtegra has a glue for everyone. Hot melt glue is particularly good presentation packaging, where tape would obliterate printed areas and is also permanent and tamper evident.

Tape Packaging Solutions

Our Machines

Optimax CT30R

Semi-automatic top and bottom seal taping of assorted carton sizes.

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Optimax CT40U

Best suited to batch sealing of uniform-sized cartons and simultaneous top and bottom carton flap sealing.

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Optimax CT45U

Best suited to batch sealing of uniform-sized cartons and simultaneous top and bottom carton flap sealing.

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The SIAT SR4 is a manually fed, self-adjusting case sealing machine suitable for sealing a wide range of case sizes up to 500 x 500mm..

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Best suited to batch sealing of uniform-sized cases & Automatic closure of upper-case flaps..

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SIAT S8 Case Taping Machine

The SIAT S8 and S8/4 are suitable for different sized boxes and can be manually adjusted to suit.

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