AIRplus® RECYCLE – Light as a feather and reliably shock-resistant, Storopack’s air pillows are the optimal protective packaging for sensitive products.
A variety of pillow shapes can be produced as required directly at the packing station, therefore saving valuable storage space.


  • Made from at least 50 per cent recycled materials
  • Available in rolls measuring 1,125 metres in length
  • Suitable for light to medium-weight products
  • Available as Bubble, Cushion or Void film
  • Reliable: constant film quality from the company‘s own production
  • Diverse: there is an air cushion type for every application
  • Economical: Reduction in raw materials due to multi-layer CO extrusion
  • Durable: excellent mechanical properties
  • Environmental:  film types can be recycled and Biofilm is compostable in accordance with DIN Certco EN 13432
  • Saves space: on-demand system for minimal storage
  • Integrates: compact, user-friendly devices for key packing areas
  • Practical disposal: one step and all that remains is the empty film



We deliver most goods throughout the North West via our fleet of vehicles. Outside of this area, we do utilise Courier and Pallet management services for next-day delivery where possible.