Bubble Wrap Bundle

Bubble Wrap

Cast extruded bubble film from a blend of low-density, high-density and linear low-density polyethylene.

Colourless closed-cell bubble film. Sancell Air Bubble Cushioning standard grade is also Non-Toxic, Chemically inert and fully recyclable.

Sancell Bubble Wrap

SGP001991Sancell 10 Small Bubble300mm100m
SGP001993Sancell 10 Small Bubble500mm100m
SGP001994Sancell 10 Small Bubble600mm100m
SGP001995Sancell 10 Small Bubble750mm100m
SGP001996Sancell 10 Small Bubble900mm100m
SGP001989Sancell 10 Small Bubble1200mm100m
SGP001990Sancell 10 Small Bubble1500mm100m
SGP001999Sancell 20 Large Bubble250mm50m
SGP002000Sancell 20 Large Bubble300mm50m
SGP002001Sancell 20 Large Bubble500mm50m
SGP002002Sancell 20 Large Bubble600mm50m
SGP002003Sancell 20 Large Bubble750mm50m
SGP001997Sancell 20 Large Bubble1200mm50m
SGP001998Sancell 20 Large Bubble1500mm50m



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