What our customers ask

Can you help with stock/inventory?

One of our key, unique selling points is our stock management service. Depending on what you’re ordering with us, we can provide you with a dedicated account manager who will review your stock weekly to ensure there’s no downtime within your organisation.

What if i have a bespoke requirement?

As we are able to manufacture in-house, and have established a large network of suppliers over our 40+ years in business, we are able to provide any organisation with any bespoke product requirement.

If we have an emergency packaging requirement, can you help?

We’re based in the North West, UK but our operation is rooted throughout the country allowing for last-minute supplies when needed.

So you can help with any product related to packaging?

Our model is based on the manufacture and supply of any product in the packaging industry; and if clients bulk buy multiple products, we’re able to offering major savings due to this.


Dedicated solution to your business

We don’t aim to simply sell just any product; we want to showcase the best possible product for your exact requirements

Quality and commitment

We’ve tried and tested almost every product in the industry to ensure that you’ll be 100% satisfied with the end result

New Technology & Advances

We have a dedicated team of product development so that we can ensure our customers that our products are always industry-leading.

Customer Aftercare

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We don’t just leave you once you’ve purchased your product, we believe in long-standing relationships