Samson Nano Pallet Wrapping Machine – You Need To Wrap Smarter

Introducing the award-winning Samson Nano Pallet Wrapping Machine

It’s Greener…

Using the Samson Nano Pallet Wrapping  Machine System results in a substantial reduction in packaging waste on plastics and cardboard compared with hand wrapping and old machine technology.

Greener Samson Nano Pallet Wrapping Machine
Leaner Samson Nano Pallet Wrapping Machine

It’s Leaner…

The Samson Nano system is our responsibility, and we take ownership of ANY issue. Our machine’s performance and quality is guaranteed and all service and maintenance is included in the Samson Nano System umbrella, so there are no ‘hidden’ extra charges for service or spares.

We charge a fixed price per wrapped pallet. That’s all – no hidden extras. We supply the machine, film, servicing and maintenance all fully inclusive in the price per wrapped pallet. Nothing more! You only pay for successfully wrapped pallets as part of our wrap guarantee – if the film breaks during the cycle, you are not charged.

It’s Smarter…

The award-winning Samson Nano Stretch Wrapping System uses the latest film and stretch wrapping machine technology available in today’s market. This latest technology enables you to benefit from increased safety and speed, whilst delivering cost savings.

The Samson Nano is the latest technology machine that consistently outperforms its rivals and offers added value to your business. Amongst its advanced features are daily reports showing wrapping data, delivered to your inbox, plus a 24/7 login. No other machine can guarantee a fixed price per pallet with total transparency. In addition, outdated machinery can be expensive in spares, repairs, servicing and film. Do you know your true net cost per pallet?

Smarter Samson Nano Pallet Wrapping Machine
Safer Samson Nano Pallet Wrapping Machine

Samson Nano Is Safer…

The Samson Nano Pallet Wrapping Machine consistently outperforms hand wrapping and old machine technology. The system’s higher quality film has increased puncture and tear resistance which limits damage during transport, whilst maintaining exceptional high clarity for barcode scanning.

Because you care about getting your goods to your customer in an as despatched condition. Samson Nano consistently delivers stable loads with no operator fiddle factor allowed, therefore less damage in transit.



    We deliver most goods throughout the North West via our fleet of vehicles. Outside of this area, we do utilise Courier and Pallet management services for next-day delivery where possible.