Samson Nano Slingshot

Slingshot and EUMOS testing facility

Samson Nano Slingshot

The Samson Nano Slingshot machine is unique to Samuel Grant Packaging in the UK for testing to EUMOS standards. The testing laboratory is the only EUMOS certified centre for horizontal pallet load security testing in the UK.

  • Tests to EUMOS standards
  • Captures over 475 images frame by frame of pallet during each test
  • Full detailed analysis report provided showing deformation and pass or fail
  • EUMOS members aiming to reduce fatalities through the logistics supply chain to zero by 2050

EUMOS is the European Safe Logistics Association, of which Samuel Grant Packaging are proud members. EUMOS are aiming to reduce the number of fatalities to Zero by 2050 instilling safer working practices throughout the supply chain and have created standards which are industry recognised.

eumos Samson Nano Slingshot pallet stability

The Slingshot in action

The Samson Nano achieved the Queen’s Award for Innovation. The Slingshot and EUMOS testing facility combination is our latest added value offering to Logistics companies, manufacturers, indeed any business needing to send goods through a distribution supply chain with confidence.

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